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The Late Show F.A.Q.

What is the Dragon*Con Late Show?

The Dragon*Con Late Show is an entertaining way to catch up on each day’s convention news, events and schedule changes. The show is run live each day of Dragon*Con (Friday-Monday) and available later as a rebroadcast & podcast.

When can I see the show at the con?

The show is broadcast live 9:00-9:30am to each of the four main convention hotels (Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton) using the Dragon*Con TV channel:

Hyatt: 41 / Marriott: 42 / Hilton: 14 / Sheraton: 74 or 76

The show is rebroadcast later in the day, and is also available as a podcast from The Late Show & Daily Dragon websites.

Wait, doesn’t the Daily Dragon do the same thing?

Yes … sort of. The Daily Dragon is Dragon*Con’s official daily newsletter.The staff spends each day gathering news and finding out what’s changed since the pocket program was published (which can be a lot, trust me).

What the Daily Dragon doesn’t do is magically show up in your room every morning. Sure, you can subscribe to their RSS feed to get new articles, but not everybody has an iPhone or internet access in the hotel room.

The Daily Dragon also doesn’t take real-time feedback. The 9:00am broadcast is interactive, thanks to our e-mail address and Twitter accounts. We, being true nerds, have iPhones and Android phones … we don’t discriminate based on OS.

The Late Show relies on The Daily Dragon staff for the latest news and schedule changes. We’re also part of the official convention podcasts published each day. It’s one of those “new media partnerships” that’s so cool on the TwitterNetBlogBookMyVerse these days.

Wait … it’s on in the morning … why is it called a “late show”?

Have you been to Dragon*Con? Seriously, 9:00am is very, very late. It’s way past everybody’s bedtimes. Some people aren’t even hungover yet. If we broadcast the show at 11:30pm like those other so-called “late shows” nobody would watch it … folks are having fun at that time of the day.

This is the show you wake up to before preparing for the day’s events. You don’t even have to get out of bed (or off the floor, if you’ve taken on too many roommates). Think of us as the harsh light of reality peeking through the blinds of your hotel room.

Who’s hosting the show?

  • Brian Richardson, Dragon*Con Videography Director and Dragon*ConTV co-founder
  • Dr. Stephen Granade, Dragon*Con guest (science track) and Dragon*ConTV contributor
  • Ally Pelphrey, a newcomer to Dragon*Con who brings her love of sci-fi and fresh perspective on the convention to the show

Who’s producing the show?

The Dragon*Con Videography staff. Patrick Freeman handles the technical direction & podcast formatting (he’s a Dragon*ConTV co-founder, so he’s an expert at this stuff). Dana Beers tries to keep Brian & Stephen on-topic (she’s the show runner & director). Alex White makes cool graphics. The rest of the staff gives us the support we need to entertain & inform the convention.

How do I interact with the show?

If by “interact” you mean “ask the hosts useful questions” or “taunt Brian for his lack of fashion sense” … use the Internet!

  • E-mail:
  • Twitter: dclateshow

We like Twitter best because it keeps the questions short and snappy.

We will check these accounts during the show and reply to our favorite questions at the end of each program. We will also check these when we’re not broadcasting. Keep in mind the con makes everybody pretty busy, so we apologize in advance if we don’t reply immediately … or at all :(

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