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Keeping up with the Late Show

We don’t approve of actually stalking the crew of The Dragon*Con Late10 Show … buy you can follow them on-line :)

Twitter: dclateshow

Facebook: The Dragon*Con Late10 Show Fan Page

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Introducing the Dragon*Con Late Show

The Dragon*Con Late Show is an entertaining way to catch up on each day’s convention news, events and schedule changes. The show is run live each morning of Dragon*Con (Friday-Monday) and available later as a rebroadcast & podcast.

Yes … I said morning. Mornings are late at Dragon*Con. Just trust me on this one.

This is a new feature for Dragon*Con 2009. More information about the show is at our F.A.Q. and we’ll add more info as the convention grows closer … like the growing shadow of a monster approaching Tokyo to administer yet another dose of urban renewal.

Want more show news? Follow us on Twitter: dclateshow

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Coming to a con near you …

Be afraid, be very afraid …

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