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Wrapping Up D*C 2009

Ok, we’ve slept, we’ve unpacked … and we are totally ready for The Dragon*Con Late Show in 2010.

Photo (c) 2009 - Derek DeWeese

Photo (c) 2009 - Derek DeWeese

Thanks to everyone who watched, especially the giant live audience we had for Friday’s show. I now can add “William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy’s Opening Act” to my resume.

Changes we want to make for 2010 …

  • Plan on a live audience … it adds so much to the show and people seemed to enjoy it
  • Get the podcast edition posted faster (something we like to call “workflow”)
  • Find out why Patrick’s Macintosh hates our video recorder (see also “workflow”)
  • Better tie into Facebook for episode posting
  • Guests
  • Prizes (we are not above bribing you)
  • Fixing Brian’s hairdo (it has a little too much “volume”)
  • Better audio in the hotels for the live feed (yes, we heard)
  • Find out what Crispy did with that helicopter money :)

Thanks again to the Daily Dragon for kicking so much dragon-ass and giving us tons of information to use in the show.

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